About Arkansas HBPA

The Arkansas HBPA was organized in the early 1950’s, and shortly thereafter became affiliated with The National HBPA.

Our constitution delineates our purposes as follows:

  1. To foster, promote and otherwise encourage a healthier economic climate and a higher level of public acceptance of the horse industry in the state of Arkansas and better relations among its participants;
  2. To work for the improvement of living and working conditions of horsemen and their employees.
  3. To protect the safety of all horsemen, their stable personnel and their horses; to work with race track management to ensure acceptable training and stable conditions, proper emergency procedures, responsible vanning service and reasonable stabling schedules.
  4. To represent the interests and property rights of all horsemen in any matters with any racing association, jockeys organization, or any other industry related organization.
  5. To negotiate with racetrack management on a collective basis on issues affecting the common interests, of horsemen including schedules, purses, stakes programs, safety issues, and working conditions.
  6. To represent the common interests of horsemen in any matters with racing associations, racing commissions, state or federal government, or any agency thereof.
  7. To receive, maintain and administer funds for administrative needs, business purposes, and for the benefit of needy horsemen and their families, including needed medical care.
  8. To promote a close and understanding relationship between horsemen, track management and the State Racing Commission.

Any owner, trainer, or owner-trainer of a Thoroughbred racehorse who is currently licensed by the Arkansas Racing Commission is eligible for membership in the Association.

The Association is governed by a President and a ten member Board of Directors. The President and Directors are nominated and voted on by the membership every three years for a three year term. Five Directors are owners and five Directors are trainers or owner-trainers.

The administrative affairs of the Association are handled by the Executive Director who is appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors.

The Arkansas HBPA diligently attempts to exemplify and comply with the simple motto of our national organization, “Horsemen Helping Horsemen.” Our benevolence functions are of the utmost importance to us and our membership. We attempt to assist the ill and injured and those less fortunate among us to the fullest extent possible.