About Oregon HBPA

The purposes of the Association are as follows:

(A) To foster, promote and otherwise encourage a healthier economic climate and a higher level of public acceptance of the Thoroughbred horse industry in the State of Oregon and better relations among its participants;

(B) To work for the improvement of working conditions for the employees of members; and to make available support programs for education and social or health needs (including chemical dependency).

(C) To protect the safety of members, their stable personnel and their horses; to work with race track management to ensure acceptable training and stable area conditions, proper emergency procedures, and reasonable stabling schedules.

(D) To represent the interests and property rights of its members in any matters with any racing association, jockeys organization or any other industry related organization regarding, but not limited to, purse structure and distribution, off track betting, simulcasting, television rights, interest generated on member’s monies, jockey’s fees and any contracts involving horsemen’s interests.

(E) To represent the general interests of its members in any matters with any local, state or federal government and any agency thereof and any racing commission.

(F) To inform and educate its members and other segments of the horse racing and breeding industry and to foster a better understanding of the horse industry by the horse racing community; to arrange for publications, seminars and any other activities or services which will achieve such purpose.

(G) To otherwise assist its members in any matters affecting their interests in thoroughbred racing Oregon.

(H) To perform any other act or do any other thing authorized by resolution of the Board of Directors that is not inconsistent with law or any provision of this Constitution and Bylaws to accomplish the purposes of the Association.

(I) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, in no event shall part of the earnings of the Association inure to the benefit of any individual member in his capacity as such.