North American Racing Academy Looking for Horses to Adopt

Attention All Horsemen…

The North American Racing Academy (Barn 30) is now looking for one or more new Thoroughbred racehorses to adopt for our hands-on teaching classes.

If you are looking to re-home one of your horses, we are interested in horses with – but not limited to – the following preferred qualities:

• Gelding preferreds. (w/ or w/out papers)
• Gate Approved. Has raced or been gate approved preferred.
• Training sound. Breathing problems are acceptable, but horses must be able to withstand a regular training schedule with 1 – 1-1/2 mile gallops and up to ½ mile easy breezes.
• Reasonably well-mannered (i.e. doesn’t flip over)
• Able to Turn Out. Can be turned out with others.

We can arrange to bring candidate horses to our barn for a one week trial period during which we will have our vet do a complete physical examination. If the horse meets our needs we will complete an adoption contract with donors. Successfully adopted horses CAN be treated as a tax deductible donation by the donor owner.

If interested, please come by Barn 30 during training hours or email us directly at:

Remi Bellocq, Exec. Dir. NARA


Dixie Hayes, Program Coordinator / Lead Instructor, NARA