Photo by John Engelhardt

“Lasix has proven to be an effective and benign therapeutic remedy for bleeding and is more humane than taking away a horse’s access to water. The current, well-regulated system of administration and disclosure works well for horses, horsemen and horseplayers alike. Criminalizing its use would be a huge step backwards for American racing and its customers.” — Steve Crist, Horse owner, retired DRF Chairman, 2016 Eclipse Award of Merit recipient

LEXINGTON, KY (Friday, Sept. 20, 2019) – A unified industry group believes banning Lasix will adversely impact the health and welfare of racehorses, as well as the strength of our industry. On September 20, a letter (posted below) was released with more than 600 signatures in support of protecting Lasix as a choice for horsemen and veterinarians to administer on race-day for the well-being of equine and human athletes. The initial round of signatures from racing stakeholders features individuals from across the industry, and since the initial announcement the list has grown to more than 1,000. Signatures will continue to be collected going forward. Click here to be added to the list.

Public Letter on Stance to NOT Eliminate the Choice to Administer Lasix on Race Day

A recent open letter proclaimed that “horse racing is at a pivotal moment in its long history in the United States.” On this we agree. We also agree all of us love and cherish the equine athletes upon which our industry is built. To that end we believe in practicing the highest standards of horsemanship, and we continually work to improve the care, health and safety of our thoroughbred racehorses.

In that regard, we support horsemen and our veterinarians having the continued option to run a horse with a race-day administration of the therapeutic and protective medication furosemide (Lasix).

We, too, are ready for change and will eagerly embrace change if the alterations are done for the greater good of equine health and welfare. We are committed to reforms emphasizing transparency and developments that will address misunderstandings from those in the non-racing public as well as ensuring our horses are treated with the highest degree of care. The eradication of our choice to administer race-day Lasix will not do any of those things.

It is our belief that banning Lasix will adversely impact the health and welfare of our racehorses as well as the strength of our industry. Research also proves an increased number of horses will bleed significantly out of their nostrils, or into in their lungs, and an increased number will die.

We understand and agree things can and should be done to improve the safety and welfare of our equine athletes. It is just as important to understand what is NOT causing catastrophic injuries, as it is understanding the underlying causes. Many continue to claim Lasix will interfere with post-race drug testing due to dilution, but this argument has long been disproven. Lasix is a short-acting diuretic and the dilution effect is gone in two hours. However, the tightly regulated administration of Lasix is required four hours before a race. Thus, Lasix has no ability to interfere with blood or urine testing after a race.

No one takes our stance on this position casually, but we believe we must not be led down a path created by perception and not facts. For this reason we must stand for what is in the best interest and safety for our equine and human athletes.

This letter includes an initial round of over 600 signatures from racing stakeholders and signatures will continue to be collected going forward. The list has been updated and now numbers more than 1,000. Click here to be added to the list.

Signatures include the following: Rusty Arnold; Steve Asmussen; Buff Bradley; Bret Calhoun; Anita and James Cauley; Dr. Nancy Cole; Brad Cox; Boyd Caster; Wayne Catalano, Jake Delhomme; Michael Ann Ewing; Greg Foley; Vickie Foley; Tim Glyshaw; Larry Jones; Dallas Keen; Marshall Gramm; Dr. Chuck Kidder; Mike and Penny Lauer; Mike Maker; Ron Moquett; Randy Morse; Maggi Moss; Loren Hebel Osborne; Joe Orseno; Joel Politi; Allen Poindexter; Louis J. Roussel III; Clay Sanders; Chester Thomas; Mike Tomlinson; Tom Van Berg; Kelly Von Hemel; Gary and Mary West; Ian Wilkes; Jack Wolf; Erv Woolsey.

The entire list, which originally numbered just more than 600, has now grown to nearly 1,000. The list may be viewed as a PDF file and is also included below (list updated as of 1/21/20):

Adams, Blaine
Adams, Nancy
Adams, Robert John
Addison, Jay D.
Agnew, Naoise
Albright, Amy
Albright, George R.
Allen, Dr. Johnathan
Allen, Ferris
Allen, Kathryn
Allen, Mark
Allen, Tom
Allensworth, Robert
Allison, Dr. Ken
Allred, John
Anderson, David
Anderson, Doug
Anderson, Dr. Elizabeth
Anderson, Dr. Kathleen M.
Anderson, Susan L.
Angelle, Glenn
Angelos, Karen
Anthony, Priscilla
Antwine, Michael
Arceneaux, Victor A.
Armour, Bailey
Arnett, Jon
Arnold, Rusty
Asbury, Dave
Ashcraft, David
Ashford, Ray
Asmussen, Steve
Atwood, Kevin
Ayers, Jerry
Bacon, Mark
Badeaux, Sandy
Badura, Dr. Zach
Bahde, Richard
Baird, J. Michael
Baird, John W.
Baird, Robert
Baker, Dr. William
Balcom, Sharon
Balderas Jr., Alfonso
Baliga, Dr. Joseph M.
Ball, Darla
Ball, Donald Ray
Balthazar, Thomas Darryl
Banks, Ann
Barker, James
Barker, Linda
Barkley, Jason
Barkley, Jeff
Barnes, Bart
Barras, Dale
Bassett, Matthew
Bates, C. Louis
Bates, Ron
Bavousett, Brian
Bayus, Cheryl
Baze, Kyrie
Baze, Lisa
Baze, Robert
Bealmear, Will
Beavin, Judy
Beck, Rowena
Bends, Pat
Bennett, Jack
Bennington, Ashley
Benoit, James
Benton, James C.
Berenson, Bruce
Berenson, Laurie
Berger, Sean
Berhmann, Dennis
Bernis, Kenward P.
Berringer, Peter
Berry, Dr. Douglass B.
Berry, Michael
Betz, Christie
Binning Sr., Matthew
Bird, Danny R.
Bissell, Cheyann
Blackhurst, Randy
Blair, Jordan
Bloyd, Phil
Boggs, M. Joanna
Bohannan, John
Boice, Kristin
Bond, H. James
Bonham, Mary
Bonin Jr., Albin
Boudreaux, Carroll
Bourgeois, Grant
Bourque Sr., Bobby
Boutte, Chris
Boutte, Harlan
Boutte, Lynne
Bowman, Ken
Boxie, Joseph Stanley
Boyce, Michele
Boyer, Dr. Steve
Boykins, Kevin
Bracho, Sherene
Bradley, Buff
Bradshaw, Randy
Brady, Celeste
Brafford, Dan
Branch, Allen
Brashears, Bill
Breaux, Samuel L.
Bredin, James
Brenklin, Emory
Brewer, Dr.Kimberly
Brewster, Clark
Briley, Lonnie M.
Britton, Chris
Broussard, CJ
Broussard, Richard
Brown, Donald
Brown, Mike
Brownfield, Claude L.
Bruder, Micheal J.
Bruin, Carl Vince
Bruno, Donald
Bruno, Jerry
Bruno, Mary Ann
Bruno, Roland Lee
Bryner, Ray
Buckley, Peggy
Bullard, Jason
Bullene, Mike
Burden, Gene L.
Burlingham, Margaret
Burress, Beverly
Bush, George S.
Cahill, Dr. Chris
Cahill, Kerrie
Calais Jr., Delanie J.
Calderon, Enrique A.
Caldwell, Allison
Caldwell, Danny
Caldwell, JR
Calhoun, Bret
Calia, Paul
Calvert, Susan
Camodeca, Perry
Campbell, Don
Campbell, Mike
Campo, Stacy
Canfield, Dr. Cathaleen
Cannel, Tom
Cannizzo, Dr. Carolyn
Cannon, Dr. Kendall
Cappeletti, Bob
Cardella, Daniel
Carman, Crystal Mae
Carusotti, Marlene A.
Cascio, Andrew
Cascio, Larry
Casey, Dr. James M.
Caster, Boyd
Castro, Raquel
Catalano, Wayne
Cates, Al W.
Cauley, Anita
Cauley, James
Cave, Gary
Cervi, Joseph
Chamber, Mike
Chandler, Mitchel
Chapman, Debbie
Chatters, Bernard
Chatterton, Gerry
Cheney, Dr. Mark
Chinn, Patricia
Chircop, Steven
Chleboard, Lynn
Christensen, Chad
Christianson, Delores
Christopherson, Pam
Chung, Maureen
Chung, Suzanne
Cioni, Damian
Clavelle, Bethony
Clavelle, Darrel
Clement, Dr. Boyd
Clifton, Dr. Audrey
Cline, Robert C.
Clouston, Eddie
Cohen, Robert
Cohn, Alice
Cole, Bryan
Cole, Dr. Nancy
Collins, Christina
Combs, Bentley
Combs, Mike
Compher, Clark
Compton, Jesse
Condon, Schuyler
Connelly, W.R.
Connolly, Dr. Steven
Conway, F. Thomas
Cooper, Kay Penny
Coppola, Carl
Cordero, Jarieliz
Cormier Sr., Donald J.
Cormier, Winston
Cosaert, Richard
Couchenour, Lee
Cowans, William
Cox, Brad
Cox, Loren
Coyle, Vernon D.
Craddock, Kari
Craig, Jim
Craigie Jr., Dexter
Cresap, Mike
Crisp, David
Crist, Steven
Cristel, Mark
Crockett, Ron
Crouch, Karen
Crozier, Jeff
Crull, Dennis
Crupper, Keith
Crupper, Kyle
Cummings, David Michael
Cundiff, Rick
DaBruzzo, Amanda
DaCosta, Jason
Daniels, Dr. Douglas K.
Davidson, Blaine
Davidson, Brent
Davidson, Colleen
Davis, Joe
De Jesus, Pablo
De Paulo, Josie
Debruhl, Kevin
Decker Jr., Cecil
Decker, Scott
Decker, Willette
Delahoussaye, Kenneth W.
Delhomme, Jake
Delhomme, Jeffery
Delhomme, Jerry
DellaMura, Vincent
Delong, Ben
Demczyk, Rebecca
Demczyk, Virginia
Denning, Susan
Denton, Francis D.
DePasquale, Louis
Derousselle, Harry L.
Derousselle, Peter Paul
Dey, Dr. Steve
Dickau, Darlene
Dickey, Charles “Scooter”
Diebello, Joe
Diehl, Candace
Digeronimo, Joe
Dingo, Bob
Dini, Mike
Dison, Phillip Mark
Doering, Mark
Donlin JR., Larry
Donlin SR., Larry
Dore, Ralph J.
Douglas, Cager
Dowd, Dr. Bernard
Dronen, Sam
Ducoing, Sturges J.
Dunn, Charlie
Duran, Kathryn Kunz
Durbin, James
Durbin, Jerry
Durbin, Linda
Edwards, Lee
Eiklebery, Kevin
Einerson, Kathleen
Einerson, Kerry Jon
Ellis, Ercel
Ellison, Ken
Elston, Brent
Englehart, Jeremiah
Eppler, Mary E.
Evans, Holly
Ewing, Michael Ann
Fabulich, Jack
Fabulich, Jil
Fales, Carrie
Fales, Ralph
Fannon, Joe
Farrar, Karen S.
Farrar, Mark
Faucheux, Ron
Faul, Karl
Faulkner, Jeff
Faulkner, Josh
Faulkner, Rodney
Feebeck, Kathi
Feebeck, Thomas H.
Fein, Eric
Fenger, Clara
Fenimore, Elbert
Fergason, Debby
Fergason, Roland
Ferguson, Curt
Ferguson, Debi
Feriole, Michael
Fernandez, Edward
Ferreira, Ferrando Luis
Ferreira, Judith M.
Fett, Brandi Jo
Fiesman, George
Findley, Dr. Larry
Findley, Dr. Larry
Fires, William “Jinks”
Fiske, David
Flint, Bernie
Flores, Christian
Flounders, Dr. Jeanne
Foglia, Vince
Foley, Greg
Foley, Travis
Foley, Vickie
Fontenot, Allen
Ford, Dr. Alexandra
Ford, Rodney
Foster, Cheryl
Foster, Eric
Fredrickson, Craig
Freese, Kristal
French, Wayne
Fudge, Nick
Gabriel Jr., Leo
Gabriel, Lisa
Galloway, Khadeem
Garcia, A. Paul
Garcia, Amalio
Garcia, J. Luis
Gardiner, Robert Thomas
Gaston, Linda
Geist, David W.
Genne, Martin
George, Cynthia
Gessmann, Leroy
Giardina, Dr. Ronald J.
Gibson, Pamela
Gibson, Ruthie
Gibson, Vince
Gillihan, Terry
Gilman, Tiffany M.
Gilmartin, Brendan
Gilpin, Perry
Glasscock, Clinton
Glasscock, Ed
Gleason, Tim
Gleaves, Phil
Glyshaw, Tim
Goldthorpe, Jack
Gomez, David
Gomez, Rafael
Gonzalez, Alejandro
Gonzalez, Angel
Goodrich, Clint
Gordon, Kerry
Grace, Lori
Grace, Michael
Gramm, Marshall
Grams, Judith
Grams, Timothy
Granitz, Anthony
Gray, Dr. Amanda
Graybeal, Lisa
Greathouse Jr., John W.
Green, Sue
Green, Wayne S.
Greenhill, Jeffery L.
Greunder, Scott
Griswold, Linda
Groves, Paul
Grubbs, Jamie
Guerra, Jacque
Guidry, Robert
Guilbeau, Charles
Guilbeau, Dana
Guillen, Rigaberto
Guillory Jr., Antonie
Guillory Sr., Antonie
Guiterrez, Juan
Gump, Josie
Haaland, Paul
Habeeb, Donald
Haehn, T.R.
Haley, Gloria
Hall, Brian K.
Hall, Steve
Hamilton, Christy
Hammes, John
Hancock, Donna
Hancock, John
Hanebutt, Dr. Paul
Hanifl, Suzanne
Hann, Pamela
Hansen, Mark
Hanson, Ty
Hargrave, Kenneth L.
Harigeorgio, Konstantinos
Harris, John
Harris, Keith
Harris, Patti
Harrison, Glenn
Hart, Liane
Hartman, Stan
Hartz, Jeff
Harwood, Doris
Hatfield, Bud
Hatfield, Rod
Hawk, Bryan
Hawley, Wes
Haynes, Ernest
Hebert, Allen Ray
Hebert, Doris
Hebert, Matt
Hehnke, Monte
Heldermon, Delvin
Hendricks, H. Jack
Hennessey, Dr. John
Hernandez, Jose
Hester, Haley
Hewett, Robert
Hiles, Rick
Hill, Alex
Hill, Harold
Hillard, Robert
Hills, Jerry
Hillyard, Ashley
Hirdes, John
Hobbs, Haley
Hobby, Steve
Hoffman, Ken
Hoffmann, Joerg
Holland, Edwin
Holland, Gloria
Holt, Betty
Holthus, Paul
Homfeldt, Tara
Houghton, Bernard
Houghton, Terry
Hounyovi, Didier
Howard, Neil J.
Hubel, E.J.
Hui, Michael
Hurley, Mary
Hurley, Sue
Hutt, Robert L.
Hutton, Robert
Huval, Brian A.
Ingram, Steve A.
Irace, Joseph
Israel, David
Jacks, Dr. Richard
Jackson, Dwayne Andre
Jackson, Jeffery D.
Jackson, Gary
Jackson, Mark
Jacobs, Keith
Jacquot, Gene
Jarvis, Jeff
Jarvis, Kathy
Jarvis, Kathy
Jeans, Jeff
Jeansonne, Justin
Jefferies, Bob
Jenkins, Edith
Jenne, Bonnie
Jenne, Walter
Jenson, William
Jimenez, Miguel
Johnson Jr., Henry Blume
Johnson, Carl
Johnson, Dr. Mike
Johnson, Gary
Johnson, Hollu
Johnson, Jayne Doi
Johnson, Karen
Johnson, Marvin
Johnston, Rebecca
Johnston, Tammy
Jones, Alvin
Jones, Larry
Jones, Michael P.
Jones, Shirley
Juarez, Sil
Juul-Nielsen, Dr. Carl E.
Kahler, Scott
Kates, Dr. Eric H.
Keen, Dallas
Keene, Danny
Kellenberger, Kody
Kelsey, Lynne
Kennedy, Aaron
Kereluk, Ed
Kessler, Rick
Kidder, Dr. Chuck
Kinder, Ralph
King, James
King, Kevin
Kinmon, R. Keith
Kirk, Carolyn J.
Kirk, Jeffrey C.
Klopp, Randy
Knox, Jessica
Kohler, Steve
Kordenbrock, Matt
Kravets, Bruce
Kreig, Darlyne
Kreig, Karl
Krummen, Monica
Kubinova, Eliska
Kuhlman, Dr. Kim
Kulp, Brandon
Lamberth, Mark H.
Landry, Allen
Landry, Dr. Bo
Landry, Simone
Lanerie, Debra
Langemeier, John
Lankford, Cherie
Lara, Jorge
Larson, Ed
Lauer, Mike
Lauer, Penny
Lauzon, Jack
Laviolette, David
Lawrence, Darrell L.
Lawrence, Heath
Laymon, Steve
Lazenby, Virginia
Lenz, Diana
Leon, Pricilla
LePley, Carol Hern
LePley, Patrick
Lerios, Virginia
Lerman, Michael
Levine, Kany
Levy, Troy
Lingenfelter, T.H.
Livers, Charlie
Livingston, Jerry
Loften, Robert
Long, Naomi
Loomis, Dr. Cyndi
Lopez, Alexis Cordero
Lopez, Carlos A.
Losada, Phil
Lovell, Michelle
Lowe, Nick
Lowrey, Dr. Jennifer
Lowry, Kathleen A.
Luark, Jennifer
Luark, Mike
Lucarelli, Frank
Ludwig, Vincent
Lund, Valorie
Lusk, Gary
Lyster, Stephen
MacDougall, Dr. Michelle L.
Madrigal, Barb
Madrigal, Barbara
Madrigal, Elodio
Madrigal, Rod
Madrigal, Rodrigo
Magee, Tim
Mahan, Hugh
Mahan, Joe
Maker, Mike
Maloney, John D.
Manfuso, Robert
Mann, Dr. Michael
Manning, Richard
March, William
Marchetti, Henry
Marquez, Vanessa
Martin, Dawn
Martin, Kate
Martin, Sandee
Martin, Steve
Martinez, David
Martinez, Dickie
Martinez, Joey
Mason, Ingrid
Massaro, Ron
Matuzak, Dr. Steve
Mazzetti, Al
Mazzuca, Dean
Mcafferty, Ryan John
McArthur, Mindy
McCabe, Robert
McCanna, Tim
McCarthy, Brenda
McCartney, Jack
McClay, Tom
McCloud, Gene
McClure, Dr. Scott
McCook, Dr. Clayton
McCormick, Robert
McCrary, Neil
McCrea, Bruce
McDonald, Frank
Mcentee, Paul
McFarlane, Dan
McFarlin, Dr. Robert
McGinty, Kyle
McKay, Chad
McKay, Ron
McKee, Josh
McKellae, Joe P.
McKenzie, Brian
McLain, Natalie
McPhee, Nancy
McShane, Carmen
McShane, Dave
McShane, Josie
McTurner, Theresa
Meals, Lois
Meaux, Jason Hunter
Meehan, Jan
Mellon, George A.
Menne, Steve
Mentz, John
Metannis, Mersad
Metz, Jeff
Meyers, Errol
Michelson, Terry
Milburn, Katina Reed
Milburn, Sandra
Miles, Dr. Camme
Miller, Charles
Miller, Dr. Chester J.
Miller, Dr. Michael R.
Miller, George
Miller, James
Miller, Kenneth
Miller, Marlin
Miller, Mike
Miller, Peter
Milligan, Allen
Moak, Dr. Robert W.
Monday, Kevin
Montanaro, Robert
Montano, Angel
Montano, Joe
Montgomery, Erika
Moore, Cheryl Merriman
Moore, Greg
Moore, Jon
Moquett, Ron
Mordenti, Kathleen
Morgan, Dan
Morris, Richard
Morse, Randy
Moser, Bob
Moss, Jon
Moss, Maggi
Mostoller, Todd
Mueller, Steven
Mueller, Tom
Mumford, Robert
Murphy, Christopher
Murphy, Travis
Musarro, Joseph
Nagai, Wayne
Nagle, Dr. Karl T.
Nance, Jonathan
Nations, Keith
Navarro, Jose
Neiding, Kristen
Nelson Jr., Eric Dennis
Nemann, Fred
Nemann, Kris
Newrones, Michael
Nicklos, Bill
Nightingale, Vicki
Nocero, Carmino
Nodine, Dr. Renee
Noel, Dane
Nolen, Kenny
Norris, Billy Joe
Northrop, Debra
Northrop, Dr. Foster
Novagrat, Joe
O’Brien, Gerard
O’Brien, Larry
Offolter, Joe
Oliver, Robert
Olson, Norm
Orr, Ed
Orr, Susie
Orseno, Joe
Ortega, Gabriel
Osborne, Loren Hebel
Pabst, Debra S.
Pabst, Fredrick
Palmer, David
Palmer, Teresa
Pappada, Julie A.
Pappada, Michael C.
Parker, Dr. Jerry
Patt Jr., Ronald
Pauly, Maria
Payne, Danny W.
Pedigo, Randal Kent
Peetz, Jody
Pelleain, Andus
Perren, Lymon
Perry, Lawrence E.
Pessin, Neil
Petalino, Joseph
Pettibone, Dana
Phelps Jr., Charles
Phillips, Catherine Day
Picheny, Stanley
Pickard, Dr. Tony
Pickett, Emmit O.
Pierce, Greg
Pike III, Arthur
Pilotto, Linda M.C.
Pirrung, Michael
Pittman, Bonnie
Pitts, Helen
Pitzer, Floyd D.
Platt, Noah
Poindexter, Allen
Politi, Joel
Polito, Nancy
Pompell, Lesalene
Poole, Jami
Poole, Joe M.
Poole, Louise
Pope, Allison
Pope, Mandy
Pope, Scott
Porter, Bryan
Potts, Ashley
Prather Jr., John Henry
Prejean, Raymond J.
Prendergast, Dr. Jim
Puch, Michael
Rahles, Ron
Rake, Dr. Scott
Rangel, Raul M.
Rarick, Lynn
Ratko, David
Redding, Robin L.
Reeves, Bob
Reichert, Dr. F. John
Reilly, Dr. Mark T.
Rentfle, Steve
Rhone, Bernell
Richards, Althea
Richards, Corale A.
Richards, Jay
Richardville, Tianna
Richmond, Linda
Ricker, Marc
Rini, Anthony
Rini, Julie
Ris, Gregory
Ris, John
Rivera, Xavier A.
Robert, Yolanda
Roberts, Dr. Andy
Roberts, Steve
Roland, Dr. Barbra
Romans, Jerry
Rombis, Debra E.
Romero, Allen S.
Romero, Alvin Joseph
Romero, Raymond
Romero, Terry M.
Rone, Mike
Rone, Penny
Root, Ben
Rosales, Jorge
Rose, David
Ross, Dr. Kelly
Ross, Sharon
Roussel III, Louis J.
Rubin, Donald James
Ruiz, Luis
Russell, Ken
Russell, Laurie
Russell, Mark
Salcedo, Ramon
Salvaggio, Mark
Salvaggio, Mike
Sam Jr., Thomas W.
Sanders, Clay
Sanders, Melinda K.
Sanderson, Wade
Sanner, Danny
Sarama, Mary Ellen
Savoie, Sherman
Savoy, Aaron J.
Saxwold, Scott
Saxwold, Tina
Schaefer, Roy
Scherer, Marianne
Scherer, Merrill
Schexnayder, David
Schiano DiCola, Raimondo
Schmidt, Denise
Schuster, Robin
Schwartz, Dr. Craig J.
Scott, Joan
Scott, Dr. Jason
Screnci, Steve
Seattle, Cody
Sebastian, Julie
Shamsie, Mike L.
Shattuck, Peggy
Shattuck, Ray
Shell, Dr. Scott
Sherman, Nikki
Shilling, J. Edwin
Shirazi, Mort
Short, Tommy
Shulhafer, Clay
Shults, Ryan
Shyda, Brian
Simon, Charles
Sims, Matthew
Skerrett, Jeffrey
Skipton, Kyle
Slaughter, James
Smith, Dr. Donald
Smith, Dr. Nicole
Smith, Guy S.
Smith, Jackie
Smith, James J.
Smith, Joseph Paul
Smith, Lynn
Smith, Osborne
Smith, Steve
Snodderly, Rhonda
Snowden, Dennis
Sobol, Alan
Sola, Shelby
Somelofske, Martin
Sonbol, Sobhy
Sparks, Cynthia Paige
Spatz, Ronnie
Spicer, James
Spiess, Shane
Spooner, Sue
Spooner, Tim
Sprinkle, Dr. Fred
Stefanik, Janice M.
Stemmans Sr., Donald
Stenberg, William
Stenslie, Chris
Stephen, Anthony
Sterbenz, Chris A.
Stewart, Chad
Stewart, Michael L.
Sticker, Lester
Stingle, Dr. Aaron M.
Stites, Flint
Stopherd, Edwin C.
Story, Chad
Stuart, Clinton C.
Sturdivant III, James E.
Sturgeon, Bobby
Sturgeon, Bobby T.
Sturgeon, Hollis
Sucher, Carmie
Sutton, Ron
Swagerty, Keith
Sweeting, Jill
Sweigart, Dennis
Talerico, John
Tamporello, Glenn
Tasevoli, John
Tauzin, Guy
Templer, Richard
Thomas Jr., Max K.
Thomas, Becky
Thomas, Chester
Thomas, Felton
Thomas, Mark
Thomason, Glen
Thompson, Glenn
Thomsen, Paula
Tibbels, Brian
Tobin, Edwin
Tollett, Bill
Tollett, Debra
Tollett, Donna
Tomlinson, Matt
Tomlinson, Mike
Tooley, Jennifer
Toups, Brent
Toye, Joe
Toye, Kari
Trask, Benjamin
Treharne, Dave
Trout, C.R.
True, Jeff
Tucker, Robert
Tugel, Dr. Robert M.
Tunks, Fred
Upton, Tom
Urbina, Ruperto R.
Vaccarezza, Carlo E.
Valene, Murray
Van Berg, Tom
Van Oort, Jake
Vance, David
Vance, Terry W.
Vanderpool, Mike
Velasquez, Jessie
Vella, Daniel
Viator, Dwight James
Villafranco, Federico
Von Hemel, Kelly
Von Hemel, Pamela
Voss, Katherine
Wade, Linday
Wakely, Martha
Walden, Ben
Walden, Elain
Walker, Phillip
Wall, Patricia
Wallace, Kelsey J.
Wallace, Lynn A.
Wallen, Joan
Walleson, Gerald
Walmsley, Bill
Waltermire, Bruce
Waltermire, Terry Jo
Wames, John
Ward, Debbie
Warren, Dr. Herbert H.
Ward, Dennis
Wasiluk, Peter
Wasiluk, Sharon
Watt, Dr. Jack
Weaver, Cheryl
Weaver, Kenneth
Weaver, Melody
Weis, Raymond
Weiss, Susan E.
Wells, Joseph
Wenzel, Thomas
Wermuth, Charles
Wermuth, Charles John
Wermuth, Jamie
Wermuth, Justin
Wermuth, Patricia
West Jr., Henery
West, Aaron
West, Ethan
West, Gary
West, Mary
White Sr., Dale R.
White, Dr. Gary W.
White, M. Victoria
Whitehouse, Willie
Wiggins, Lon
Wilder, Gene
Wilkes, Ian
Willard, Dr. Jeff
Williams, C. Blaine
Williams, George
Williams, Haven
Williams, Wayne
Willis M.D., Fred
Wilson, Dr. Daniel A.
Wilson, Rebecca O.
Winschell, Cyndi
Withee, Joe
Witt, Ernie
Woerman, Constance
Wolf, Jack
Wolf, Laurie
Wolking, Ryan
Wong, Jonathan
Woodall, Gary
Woodruff, Martin L.
Woolsey, Erv
Wright, Blaine
Wulf, Craig
Wulf, Melisa
Yan Ng, Ming
Yother, J. Lloyd
Young, Chasity
Young, Dr. Bryan H.
Young, Scott
Zaleski, Susan
Zielinski, Richard
Zinn Jr., Dr. Richard
Zook, Donna